The Sensitives (ENG)


the_sensitives_2The edgy punk trio from Sweden!

Restless and bored the band decided to tour as much as possible, and have since the beginning 2011 visited more than a hand full of countries, sharing their music sweat and love on stage. The Sensitives is a full energy live band with lots of attitude, you just can’t miss!

The three piece punk band from Falun (central Sweden) describes their music as edgy punk, or folk-ska-punk’n’roll, and all the reviews for their accolades album Boredom Fighters (Sunny Bastards Records) is the positive reaction to the mix of styles and the change between Martin and Paulinas vocals.

The Sensitives has already done more than 100 shows and attemt to keep on touring. 2012 theband recorded their first album in a German studio called Poetry As Hollow As It Can Be. The debut album was released by the band it self and got lots of love from both critics and fans.
In fall 2012 the band did a long self booked tour in Germany, Czech Rebublic, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Bands from Sweden would usually not go to all theese countries for touring, but The Sensitives wanted even theese fans to live a little more for the night, witch is one of the bands lead words. Since than the band have been touring a lot and spreading the words of what they believe in; anti war, equallity, solidarity and justice for all the living.

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